Hypnosis, The Non Deceptive Placebo.

Followers of Ben Goldacre and Bad Science will be aware of the bashing that alternative therapies have been getting.

Homeopathy and Chiropractic have been under scrutiny and have  been perhaps rightly knocked for  having pseudo scientific concepts.

So is hypnotherapy the next in line for such treatment? Well it wouldnt be a bad thing to have a discussion on the theory behind hypnosis.

Researchers in the field of hypnosis are now heavily promoting the idea that its all suggestion and that a distinct definable ‘state’ that indicates hypnosis does not exist.

Check out the great work by Irving Kirsch.

In other words its a great big wonderful placebo that can be applied without deception because the client knows ‘its all in the mind’.

Hypnosis, the non deceptive placebo.