Is Derren Brown A Hypnotist?

Most of the time he’s being artfully clever and tricky and fooling with you but some of the time Derren Brown does ‘do’ hypnosis.

Derren know his stuff as evidenced by reading his book which gives a very frank account of his feelings towards therapy and suggestion.

Its worth a read.

Although Derren studied law he was seriously considering becoming a hypnotherapist which surprises me. Not that he wouldn’ t make a good hypnotherapist, just that his ability to perform and trick might have been lost in a one to one setting.

Derren is a master stage hypnotist but uses hypnosis very sparingly. In fact he has more fun pretending to mess with peoples minds than actually doing a number on someone. Derren Brown has a solid grasp on what is and what is not hypnosis and though he fools his audience time and time again he rarely fools himself. Except when it comes to ‘predicting’ the lottery numbers once they have been announced. Duh!