The Duchess of Cambridge Has Hypnotherapy

Now Im not saying that Kate Middleton is using my services. But….

The Duchess of Cambridge is using Hypnotherapy to help to back into eating. Is it in

Harley St?  Probably

Hypnotherapy In London

Kate Middleton goes for hypnotherapy.


Can Hypnotherapy Really Stop Someone Smoking?

Well the answer is in the question. Why would I want to stop you smoking?

In other words Hypnotherapy supports and encourages and even inspires you to do something you want to do and if that is to stop smoking then with a bit of luck you might stop. But it’s a free country and so if you want to smoke…by my guest.

A hypnotherapist is not in the business of making you do something you don’t want to do.

If you want to stop smoking then the hypnotherapist fans the little flame  of your desire to quit and builds that desire to as high as you can possible go. But it is your flame and your choice.

Try stopping smoking with me in Harley St Central London.

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Toilet Anxiety Treated With Hypnotherapy In London

The fear of getting caught without a toilet is a fear shared by many. Hear my take on how hypnotherapy can help those that have toilet anxiety.

Hypnotherapy sessions to deal with toilet anxiety usually are about building your confidence that you can control the workings of you rbody and mind.

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Hypnotherapy In London For A Fear Of Tube Trains And Buses

London is a busy place and many have fears and anxieties about going on tubes and trains and buses.

If you suffer from the fear and anxiety that often comes with having to travel by train or bus. Do let me know, maybe some hypnosis in my Harley St London clinic might help.

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Hypnotherapy For Panic Attacks And Social Phobia

Panic attacks can really inhibit where you go and what you do. Watch my into on how I use hypnotherapy to beat the fear of panic attacks so that you can build your confidence in going out.

Hypnotherapy is used to help calm things down so that you feel you have more control of what your body and mind is doing.

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