Losing weight for the New Year?

Well youve probably seen Paul Mckenna on the tele and wondering if hypnosis could help you lose weight…well maybe.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic trick, its more about encouraging you to think new thoughts and ideas. So that if you want to lose weight the hypnotist will seek to get a new ‘program’ running in your head about what you think about food and eating.

Its also about giving you tools, thoughts and images and actions that you can use at vital times, so that you feel armed and supported in your quest to drop some pounds.


New Year Resolutions…old chestnuts

I do like roasted chestnuts but old chestnuts?

New Year Resolutions, like losing weight or stopping smoking can seem like old chestnuts for the seasoned trier.

Is there an easy way to make resolutions stick…probably not but talking them through with ┬ásomeone you can trust can help.

Visualisations are a simple tool that a hypnotherapist uses to help the client get closer to their goal. Getting a clear and detailed picture of what you really want brings a new year resolution to life.

Let me know if you have questions about hypnotherapy and getting your new year started.