How Can Hypnosis Help Me To Quit Smoking

Well the simple answer is that it doesn’t take a magic trick to stop smoking as millions have stopped by deciding to quit and sticking to that decision.

A Hypnosis session usually involves talking and hypnosis. Motivating you to stop is very important and so ‘getting your ahead’ around the idea that stopping smoking is good for you, that you can do it and that life will be fine without smoking is very important.

Smoking has hypnotised you into thinking that you need fags to feel good ,relax and generally deal with life. This is not true and you only think it because you have been hooked onto a drug that promises way more than it can deliver.

Hypnosis is not sleep. It’s more like a deep day dream where you are encouraged to think and feel about the positive things you do want in your life and seeks to ‘re -program’ your thinking. However this is not as wacky as it seems. See it as more of a clear out of the old and bringing in the new.

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Hypnotherapy In London To Stop Smoking

So many people have quit smoking. Watch this intro to how I use hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking.

Over the years as a hypnotherapist, stopping smoking is one the most common regular sessions that I do.

The session is 90 minutes and with talking and hypnosis it is very possible that you could use a hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

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Stop smoking in London, ready to quit?

So you live in or near London and you thing I’m ready to quit but how do I stop smoking.

You search the web and find loads of people promising instant fixes.

But what about stopping smoking? Where do you go to get help?

Well some use nicotine patches and other NRT products. But what about not putting nicotine into your system and just toughing it out?

Well simply deciding to stop is a popular method and we all know someone who has done  just that.

And it’s true that if you really want to stop smoking that you stand a much better chance than ‘trying’ to stop which sounds a bit half hearted all ready.

A lot of people consider using hypnotherapy to stop smoking. It is not a magic cure, just a more concentrated version of what happens in normal life when a person want sto quit.

If you need to know about how hypnotherapy and hypnosis could really help you to stop smoking, try calling or emailing by clicking on the link.

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Here is a link to my ask me for more info etc. and best of luck.