Questions About Hypnotherapy

In this video clip I run through some  of the main questions and confusions about hypnotherapy.

Stage it real is a popular question. Also the question of control and side effects make some clients doubtful about hypnosis. The fact that hypnosis is based on the imagination and relaxation with suggestion is something that can take some time getting used to after having seen the TV hypnotist do his showy magical finger clicking stunts.

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Getting A Guarantee From Your Therapist

The main question that many clients have for the therapist is,will it work and what is the success rate?

In other words, what guarantee is there that your money and time will be well spent.

Let me answer that though the medium of video.

A level of service is the only genuine guarantee that a therapist can offer. Expectation of success is an important part of getting results but ultimately the power resides with the client as to how the therapy concludes. It may sound like excuses but its the truth.

Success rates are often published by therapists. These have to be taken with a big dose of salts. Any therapist’s personal success rate cannot be compared with clinical trial effectiveness due to the massive difference in the way the evidence is collected and treated. This is the reason it is considered unprofessional to publish one’s own ‘success rate’ because it cannot be properly compared to any other therapist or clinical trial in an accurate way.

The best safeguard for the client is to get a good sense of the therapist before starting therapy, to ask all those awkward questions and to have a clear sense what you are entering into. To ask about therapy methods,number of sessions and aftercare are all important issues to address before shelling out cash.

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Is Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy A Pseudoscience?

Pseudoscience is often a criticism associated with ‘alternative therapy’.

In fact Pseudoscience can be practiced  by even the most scientific and is not confined to the fringes, although the fringes probably dabble more than most.

But does hypnotherapy involve itself in pseudoscientific theories?

Well if you see hypnosis as the application of suggestion whereby the patient uses their imagination and sensory awareness then most people would accept those aspects as rational and believable. 

However ,the broad range of uses of hypnosis  and the specific ‘state’ of hypnosis are up for debate .

More detailed research will in time provide more  evidence of effectiveness or otherwise and  more clarity as to the specific ‘state’ of hypnosis.

It is when hypnotherapists make claims about the subconscious that a whiff of pseudoscience breezes in. 

Because what is the subconscious? Does anyone know exactly what they mean  when they use this term?

Best to keep it simple and not use terms that make a simple therapy more complicated.

Unless you want to charge huge sums training others, then it pays to blind them with pseudoscience!

See Ben Goldacres Bad Science blog about these matters.