Need Help To Stop Smoking In London?

I have been working as a hypnotherapist for 10 years now and have found that many people have successfully

stopped smoking using a mixture of hypnotherapy and talking.

It takes some effort usually but sometimes clients just put the whole smoking thing behind them and walk out of my office an ex-smoker…result.

If you are curious how hypnotherapy helps a person to stop smoking, give me a buzz or drop me a line. You are most welcome and you might just stop smoking.

Stop Smoking In London

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My Glittering case you didn’t know

Its all me, me ,me on this one.

I have been in Harley St central London since 2001 and seen a lot of clients and been on the TV a number of times. Yes, use hypnotherapy to blow your own trumpet…cause no-one else will!

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Hypnotherapy For Panic Attacks And Social Phobia

Panic attacks can really inhibit where you go and what you do. Watch my into on how I use hypnotherapy to beat the fear of panic attacks so that you can build your confidence in going out.

Hypnotherapy is used to help calm things down so that you feel you have more control of what your body and mind is doing.

Give me a call if you fancy a session or two in central London.

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Or watch on Youtube Panic Attacks and Social Phobia

Stop smoking in London, ready to quit?

So you live in or near London and you thing I’m ready to quit but how do I stop smoking.

You search the web and find loads of people promising instant fixes.

But what about stopping smoking? Where do you go to get help?

Well some use nicotine patches and other NRT products. But what about not putting nicotine into your system and just toughing it out?

Well simply deciding to stop is a popular method and we all know someone who has done  just that.

And it’s true that if you really want to stop smoking that you stand a much better chance than ‘trying’ to stop which sounds a bit half hearted all ready.

A lot of people consider using hypnotherapy to stop smoking. It is not a magic cure, just a more concentrated version of what happens in normal life when a person want sto quit.

If you need to know about how hypnotherapy and hypnosis could really help you to stop smoking, try calling or emailing by clicking on the link.

If you live in London or can travel in to town do consider coming in to Harley St.

Here is a link to my ask me for more info etc. and best of luck.