Social Trance Event Axed

The big World Hypnotism Day mass hypnosis ended in a damp squib yesterday as the unlucky Chris Hughes, the hypnotist in charge, had to cancel due to legal problems.

Derren Brown managed a big UK wide hypnosis on the TV a while back so why did this one get the chop?

Can anyone enlighten me?


Happy World Hypnosis Day!

Its also my daughters birthday and later we will be having a cake.

Most of us are in a trance at the best of times so I reckon its World Hypnosis Day most days.

There is a Facebook Twitter thing happening tonight to get the most people into trance at the same time. Try this link

See you on the other side.

Putting England into a trance..again

Ive never heard of World Hypnotism Day, but its coming soon!

To mark the event there is to be a facebook and twitter mass trance event happening on Jan 4 according to this piece in the telegragh.

Dont forget that Tony Blair had us in a trance for years just by moving his hands in that strange way and being very….appealing.

As the switched on all know, hypnosis is all about suggestion and not about swinging watches or twirly things.

But have a go this might just change your mind