Virtual Reality, Virtigo and Hypnotherapy

Virtual reality is now being used in the treatment of Virtigo.

Contrary to popular belief, Virtigo, is not a fear of heights (acrophobia) but is an unsettling feeling associated with balance which can be triggered by any number of environments. In Hitchcock’s Vertigo the trigger for this swirling dizzy feeling was the climbing of a high staircase which is how Vertigo and a fear of heights became inaccurately linked.

The virtual reality headset is used to gently trigger Virtigo in the sufferer so that that the patient learns how to modify and reduce the reaction. Gentle exposure therapy in a secure environment has been a popular method for many years in psychotherapy. The body and brain becomes trained to reduce its reaction to a certain trigger but in the safety of the consulting room.

Hypnotherapists use the natural virtual reality headset we have in all of us, the imagination. The patient is encouraged to relax, usually to a deeper level than they would normally experience and then a gentle exposure to the trigger is introduced through the internal landscape. Combining a relaxed state with a ‘journey’ through the imagination is a simple and effective way to create calm responses to an otherwise unsettling memory or trigger environment.

Does virtual reality as a therapy tool mean the end of hypnotherapy?

Well, technology certainly is a useful tool to encourage someone to deal with an unpleasant or unsettling environment. Using a headset to treat a symptom can feel more like a game than therapy which, for the patient, is a plus. It has the added bonus of being introduced as the new cure which is administered by the white coat professional, a classic set up for an effective placebo response.

There are many that see hypnotherapy as a step into the unknown where the ‘power of the mind’ is still an off-putting prospect.

This is partly due to continuing scepticism at over-blown claims made by practitioners, thought control, mind control, think yourself rich etc. But also due to the old fears laid down by Freud and often dramatized by Hitchcock, that the subconscious is a scary, dark place that can explode at any moment.


Can Hypnotherapy Really Stop Someone Smoking?

Well the answer is in the question. Why would I want to stop you smoking?

In other words Hypnotherapy supports and encourages and even inspires you to do something you want to do and if that is to stop smoking then with a bit of luck you might stop. But it’s a free country and so if you want to smoke…by my guest.

A hypnotherapist is not in the business of making you do something you don’t want to do.

If you want to stop smoking then the hypnotherapist fans the little flame  of your desire to quit and builds that desire to as high as you can possible go. But it is your flame and your choice.

Try stopping smoking with me in Harley St Central London.

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Hypnotherapy In London To Stop Smoking

So many people have quit smoking. Watch this intro to how I use hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking.

Over the years as a hypnotherapist, stopping smoking is one the most common regular sessions that I do.

The session is 90 minutes and with talking and hypnosis it is very possible that you could use a hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

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Hypnotherapy In London For Weight Loss

Here is a video of how I use Hypnotherapy to help weight loss.

Seeing a hypnotherapist to help weight loss can give the client new ideas and strategies.

Its not magic just encouraging you to think differently about how and where and when you eat.

Do let me know if you want more information on how hypnotherapy could help you to lose weight.

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Does a Hypnotist ‘Put You Under’

This is an old favourite.

‘Put me under’ asks the client.

“What would that feel like” asks the therapist

“Dunno…. like being asleep I suppose”

Yeah right.

Hypnosis is not sleep even though the stage hypnotist shouts sleep and appears to put the person to sleep.

So people do not ‘go under’ but they do feel like they are somewhere between sleep and ‘normal’ consciousness.

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