What Is A Registered Hypnotherapist?

Mmm, I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me this one, cause it’s a bit embarrassing.

When you see the sign Registered Hypnotherapist it really only means that somewhere someone has started a register of hypnotherapists and has given out the title Registered Hypnotherapist for the price of an annual fee.

At the moment hypnotherapy is not statutory  regulated meaning the title of hypnotherapist  is not a protected title .

The reason for this is that hypnotherapy is not deemed dangerous to health whereas for example dieticians could if they try hard enough really screw you up. Of course most therapists of any persuasion are usually dedicated to the well being of their client but not all therapies have the power to harm. Crystal Healing might take your money but it wont kill you….probably.

Anyway, just for the record here are the main hypnotherapy registers.

The General Hypnotherapy Register

The Register for Evidence Based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

The National Council for Hypnotherapy