Hey, Smoking makes you blind

The last thing a smoker wants to hear is that smoking is bad for their health.

So dont read this link about how smoking makes you go blind.

Dont read this stop smoking news story

If you come to one of my stop smoking sessions in London you might quit smoking and I promise I wont mention the health benefits.


New Year Resolutions…old chestnuts

I do like roasted chestnuts but old chestnuts?

New Year Resolutions, like losing weight or stopping smoking can seem like old chestnuts for the seasoned trier.

Is there an easy way to make resolutions stick…probably not but talking them through with ┬ásomeone you can trust can help.

Visualisations are a simple tool that a hypnotherapist uses to help the client get closer to their goal. Getting a clear and detailed picture of what you really want brings a new year resolution to life.

Let me know if you have questions about hypnotherapy and getting your new year started.

Stop smoking in London, ready to quit?

So you live in or near London and you thing I’m ready to quit but how do I stop smoking.

You search the web and find loads of people promising instant fixes.

But what about stopping smoking? Where do you go to get help?

Well some use nicotine patches and other NRT products. But what about not putting nicotine into your system and just toughing it out?

Well simply deciding to stop is a popular method and we all know someone who has done  just that.

And it’s true that if you really want to stop smoking that you stand a much better chance than ‘trying’ to stop which sounds a bit half hearted all ready.

A lot of people consider using hypnotherapy to stop smoking. It is not a magic cure, just a more concentrated version of what happens in normal life when a person want sto quit.

If you need to know about how hypnotherapy and hypnosis could really help you to stop smoking, try calling or emailing by clicking on the link.

If you live in London or can travel in to town do consider coming in to Harley St.

Here is a link to my site..do ask me for more info etc. and best of luck.