Hypnotherapy For Driving Phobia

Driving Phobia is another issue that gets a lot of interest on my website, according to my web stats (which I check way too often).

Often a bad driving experience or a panic attack rattles an otherwise confident driver and then the doubt and the avoidance all start to kick in.

For others its a Motorway Driving Phobia. A fear of motorway driving in many ways is a justified fear but can really inhibit travelling and that feeling of freedom and ‘go anywhere’ spirit.

Driving Phobia therapy is usually about learning to calm the body right down and linking the calm feelings to thoughts of driving. As hypnotherapy is usually done in a chair, it is quite easy to associate the calm “therapy chair” feelings with the imagined car seat situation.

Give me a call if you have any questions on help to cure a driving phobia and come into central London for a session or two.