Hypnotherapy In London For Weight Loss

Here is a video of how I use Hypnotherapy to help weight loss.

Seeing a hypnotherapist to help weight loss can give the client new ideas and strategies.

Its not magic just encouraging you to think differently about how and where and when you eat.

Do let me know if you want more information on how hypnotherapy could help you to lose weight.

I work in Harley St central London.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis In London

If you live in London and weight loss is on your mind, your thoughts might turn to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Or maybe not.

Hypnosis is no magic cure for anything but a session or two with a sensitive hypnotherapist may help you to focus the mind on the things that you really want. Like getting into that dress, and if you are a bloke who likes getting into dresses…even better.

A weight loss hypnotherapy program is usually a mixture of relaxing hypnosis and  good old fashioned common sense, like slowing down your eating and using more of your senses to savour the experience.

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Hypnotic Gastric Band For Weight Loss

You will have heard about the  Gastric Band  that is rather a drastic way of losing weight. It is a band that is surgically inserted around the  upper part of the stomach to inhibit food intake.

Well instead of going through with the surgery and possible complications, why not use hypnosis to  feel like you have the gastric band and save most of the hassle.

Hypnotherapists are getting good results with this simple idea.

Try it or ask me more questions about the hypnotic gastric band

Diets dont work..but what’s to do to lose weight?

Most of us have come to the conclusion that diets dont work, but where does that leave us if we want to lose weight?

This article in the Times has some sensible ideas about what to do including the master hypno himself Paul Mckenna

Try this article

I like the idea that we stop torturing ourselves by wanting to diet and still being in love with food..its a recipe for heart ache.

I often urge my clients to lose weight by falling out of love with food.

Daily Mail Readers Hypnotised Shock!

Lulu Appleton, a Harley St hypnotherapist has helped a Daily Mail journo to lose weight..read it here.

Its not magic, just a bit of encouragement and relaxing and talking things through.

Some good comments on the Daily Mail page about control…’you wont get a hypnotist controlling my mind’ writes one punter who also adds she is still 20 stone.

A hypnotherapist helps to give the client more control. Why would we want to control the clients mind?

Losing weight for the New Year?

Well youve probably seen Paul Mckenna on the tele and wondering if hypnosis could help you lose weight…well maybe.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic trick, its more about encouraging you to think new thoughts and ideas. So that if you want to lose weight the hypnotist will seek to get a new ‘program’ running in your head about what you think about food and eating.

Its also about giving you tools, thoughts and images and actions that you can use at vital times, so that you feel armed and supported in your quest to drop some pounds.