My Glittering case you didn’t know

Its all me, me ,me on this one.

I have been in Harley St central London since 2001 and seen a lot of clients and been on the TV a number of times. Yes, use hypnotherapy to blow your own trumpet…cause no-one else will!

This link to my Hypnotherapy In London therapist page.

Or to watch on Youtube A Hypnotherapist Speaks


Dancing On Ice,Hypnotherapy and Me

Dancing on Ice  is back.

Fans of the last series might remember my contribution, not dancing, but helping contestant Zoe Salmon to progress in the competition. ITV sent me the very capable Zoe  Salmon who wanted to focus and enjoy her childhood dream of Dancing On Ice.

We did just the one session, TV doesnt hang around, but Zoe was well motivated to get the most out of the hypnotherapy  session.

Wonder if they will ask me again?