Beat A Chocolate Addiction with Hypnotherapy In London

Here is a video talking about how hypnotherapy could help you beat your chocolate and sweets addiction.

Beating an addiction of chocolate and sweet processed foods can really help to boost how you feel about yourself.

Do let me know if you have more questions on how Hypnotherapy in London could help you with a chocolate addiction.

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Hypnotherapy In London For Weight Loss

Here is a video of how I use Hypnotherapy to help weight loss.

Seeing a hypnotherapist to help weight loss can give the client new ideas and strategies.

Its not magic just encouraging you to think differently about how and where and when you eat.

Do let me know if you want more information on how hypnotherapy could help you to lose weight.

I work in Harley St central London.

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Hypnotherapy In London For Public Speaking

Here is an introduction to how I use hypnotherapy for a public speaking fear or phobia.

If you are interested to know if hypnotherapy and hypnosis could help you beat your fear of public speaking do let me know. Presentations,interviews and meetings can all be places that you fear you might go blank or dry up. Maybe hypnosis can help to give you the focus you need.

I work in  Harley St central London

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What Happens In A Hypnotherapy Session?

On the first session the hypnotherapist may take a short medical  history of the client to make sure that hypnotherapy is suitable for the client.

Secondly the hypnotist may ask what  the client is hoping for and expecting from the session and how many sessions are anticipated.

Quite often on the first session there may be no hypnosis as the client is telling their ‘story’ and giving any background they think is relevant. This is an important time when the client gets a chance to share and the hypnotherapist a chance to get a sense of the issues and feelings involved.

Explaining and de-mistifying hypnosis is the next important step so the client understands what to expect and what is expected of them. Hypnosis cannot be successful without the participation and involvement of the client

The hypnosis  part of the session can go in many different directions and will depend on the style of the hypnotherapist and the mood of the moment.

Often the teaching of self hypnosis as an introduction to hypnosis is a good start. It puts the client firmly in control and can develop into a self help strategy or useful ‘homework’ for between sessions.

Relaxation and safe feelings are usually the hypnotherapist’s first goal. This is often achieved in inviting the client to think or imagine safe and relaxing images or ideas. Often simple suggestions of calm and slowness can quickly allow the client to ‘feel hypnotised’, for example a light or heavy feeling in the body.

Once the client feels comfortable the rest is simply about leading the client to feel differently about their peceived issue..which could proceed in a myriad of ways. It is important to stress that the new thoughts and ideas will hold true for the ‘real world’ and not just the cosy atmosphere of the consulting room.

Subsequent sessions involve getting feedback and taking further steps and, if need be, changing direction.

Stop smoking in London, ready to quit?

So you live in or near London and you thing I’m ready to quit but how do I stop smoking.

You search the web and find loads of people promising instant fixes.

But what about stopping smoking? Where do you go to get help?

Well some use nicotine patches and other NRT products. But what about not putting nicotine into your system and just toughing it out?

Well simply deciding to stop is a popular method and we all know someone who has done  just that.

And it’s true that if you really want to stop smoking that you stand a much better chance than ‘trying’ to stop which sounds a bit half hearted all ready.

A lot of people consider using hypnotherapy to stop smoking. It is not a magic cure, just a more concentrated version of what happens in normal life when a person want sto quit.

If you need to know about how hypnotherapy and hypnosis could really help you to stop smoking, try calling or emailing by clicking on the link.

If you live in London or can travel in to town do consider coming in to Harley St.

Here is a link to my ask me for more info etc. and best of luck.