Anxiety and the present moment…a contradiction.

If you are experiencing the present moment through your senses it is likely that you are not feeling anxious.

Anxiety is usually a thought about the future. Or perhaps a thought about the past that we call regret. But what about the present moment? Focus on what you can hear or what you can feel in the body and your mind will quieten down bringing down the anxieties as it quietens.

It is quite difficult to be in the moment and to feel anxious at the same time…try it. Notice that your mind will roam to other times and places but if you here and now you are probably feeling calm. Spooky eh?

The ideas behind mindfulness are quite a blow to traditional therapy which seek to do a lot of thinking about the past. For some it seems, it is the nature of our consciousness that is the issue and the source of our problems and not anything more than that.

How to be in the moment is a learned technique and not as hard as you think (joke).


Treating Excessive Sweating And Hotness With Hypnotherapy

Excessive hotness and sweating can knock your confidence but hypnotherapy can give you back more control over your body.

If your mind can get you hot and sweat then surely it can make you cooler..with some training.

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