Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis Research

In these rational and skeptic times, more and more people are rightly looking for research evidence to test the claims made by therapists. Thankfully there is a lot of hypnotherapy and hypnosis research material available.

Donald Robertson has collected some links on this page as part of his work for the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy has been around for quite a while and so over the years there have been many trials, studies and experiments investigating the elusive quality of hypnosis. Elusive because it is a hard thing to measure and quantify. This is partly why CBT has come to the forefront of psychotherapy due to the simple directness and repeatability of its use.


Fear Of Being Sick

Over the years I have noticed that the fear of being sick has nearly always being the most clicked on page on my website.

Its not a fear that you hear much about but it must be very common judging from the interest.

Fear of being sick is one of the main panic attack symptoms where you think something rather nasty will happen or is happening, but it rarely does happen.

The old fear of the fear is here.

In fact any bodily function can be felt to be nearly happening. Blushing, sweating, heart and breathing problems, needing to pee, or poo,fainting, the list goes on. And any of these potential symptoms feed into the fear of the fear loop.

A mixture of CBT and Hypnotherapy is a good therapy intervention for these fears where the client is invited to imagine being calm and in control.

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What is CBT?

CBT is the first therapy that has been extensively trialled and tested all over the world and has yielded results that look encouraging.

The power of CBT is in its simplicity and accessibility.

CBT has core concepts that most people see as common sense. For instance it sees anxiety as a here and now created feeling caused by a person’s thoughts about themselves and the world. It does not involve a complicated relationship with the past or a mysterious ‘sub conscious’ aspect.

Like most therapies it has an over complicated name.

Cognitive..something to do with thinking or not thinking

Behavioural…something we are doing..or not doing

Basically CBT says, think new thoughts and do different things and you will change how you feel.

Simple? Yes indeed but not always easy.