My Glittering case you didn’t know

Its all me, me ,me on this one.

I have been in Harley St central London since 2001 and seen a lot of clients and been on the TV a number of times. Yes, use hypnotherapy to blow your own trumpet…cause no-one else will!

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Hypnotherapy In London For A Fear Of Tube Trains And Buses

London is a busy place and many have fears and anxieties about going on tubes and trains and buses.

If you suffer from the fear and anxiety that often comes with having to travel by train or bus. Do let me know, maybe some hypnosis in my Harley St London clinic might help.

Try the Hypnotherapy in London site.

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Or to watch on Youtube Hypnotherapy for fear of trains and buses

What Conditions Can Hypnotherapy Treat?

That long list of treatable conditions that adorn hypnotherapist‘s websites..are they too good to be true?

This video clip explains how I think Hypnotherapy can help with such a large number of issues and problems.

The clue is in the placebo effect or the belief effect.

Do check that long list of issues and problems on the Hypnotherapy in London site.

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Or watch on Youtube  What can Hypnotherapy do for me?

Rent a complementary clinic room in Harley St

If you fancy working at the weekend in Harley St in my nice room…drop me a line.

I have a lease on a very nice room which is vacant at the weekend and available for hire or rent.

If you are an alternative therapist who wants to work in a complementary clinic setting do let me know.

Contact me at my website