Diets dont work..but what’s to do to lose weight?

Most of us have come to the conclusion that diets dont work, but where does that leave us if we want to lose weight?

This article in the Times has some sensible ideas about what to do including the master hypno himself Paul Mckenna

Try this article

I like the idea that we stop torturing ourselves by wanting to diet and still being in love with food..its a recipe for heart ache.

I often urge my clients to lose weight by falling out of love with food.


New Year Resolutions…old chestnuts

I do like roasted chestnuts but old chestnuts?

New Year Resolutions, like losing weight or stopping smoking can seem like old chestnuts for the seasoned trier.

Is there an easy way to make resolutions stick…probably not but talking them through with  someone you can trust can help.

Visualisations are a simple tool that a hypnotherapist uses to help the client get closer to their goal. Getting a clear and detailed picture of what you really want brings a new year resolution to life.

Let me know if you have questions about hypnotherapy and getting your new year started.