What Conditions Can Hypnotherapy Treat?

That long list of treatable conditions that adorn hypnotherapist‘s websites..are they too good to be true?

This video clip explains how I think Hypnotherapy can help with such a large number of issues and problems.

The clue is in the placebo effect or the belief effect.

Do check that long list of issues and problems on the Hypnotherapy in London site.

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Or watch on Youtube  What can Hypnotherapy do for me?


Hypnotherapy In London For Public Speaking

Here is an introduction to how I use hypnotherapy for a public speaking fear or phobia.

If you are interested to know if hypnotherapy and hypnosis could help you beat your fear of public speaking do let me know. Presentations,interviews and meetings can all be places that you fear you might go blank or dry up. Maybe hypnosis can help to give you the focus you need.

I work in  Harley St central London

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Or watch on Youtube Hypnotherapy for public speaking

Weight Loss Hypnosis In London

If you live in London and weight loss is on your mind, your thoughts might turn to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

Or maybe not.

Hypnosis is no magic cure for anything but a session or two with a sensitive hypnotherapist may help you to focus the mind on the things that you really want. Like getting into that dress, and if you are a bloke who likes getting into dresses…even better.

A weight loss hypnotherapy program is usually a mixture of relaxing hypnosis and  good old fashioned common sense, like slowing down your eating and using more of your senses to savour the experience.

Let me know if you want a session or two in central London.

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23 Million Stone Weightloss

According to this report, the good British public aim to lose 23 million stone in the year 2010.

Not a pretty sight if you start imagining what that weight in fat looks like.

Better to think of all the energy, walking and doing stuff that it represents.

Imagining large amounts of fat is quite a good way of putting people off over eating though, and its better than having a love- hate relationship with all those fatty foods.

Fancy a bit of weight loss help?.

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Is Derren Brown A Hypnotist?

Most of the time he’s being artfully clever and tricky and fooling with you but some of the time Derren Brown does ‘do’ hypnosis.

Derren know his stuff as evidenced by reading his book which gives a very frank account of his feelings towards therapy and suggestion.

Its worth a read.

Although Derren studied law he was seriously considering becoming a hypnotherapist which surprises me. Not that he wouldn’ t make a good hypnotherapist, just that his ability to perform and trick might have been lost in a one to one setting.

Derren is a master stage hypnotist but uses hypnosis very sparingly. In fact he has more fun pretending to mess with peoples minds than actually doing a number on someone. Derren Brown has a solid grasp on what is and what is not hypnosis and though he fools his audience time and time again he rarely fools himself. Except when it comes to ‘predicting’ the lottery numbers once they have been announced. Duh!

Hey, Smoking makes you blind

The last thing a smoker wants to hear is that smoking is bad for their health.

So dont read this link about how smoking makes you go blind.

Dont read this stop smoking news story

If you come to one of my stop smoking sessions in London you might quit smoking and I promise I wont mention the health benefits.