The Fear Of Being Sick Often Underpins Other Fears.

Emetophobia is the fear of being sick. The anxiety that comes with the thought that throwing up would be the worst thing that could happen and must be avoided at all costs. It blights many lives because every activity has to be planned, every meal is thought through and calculated. The mind is consumed with avoiding the disaster of throwing up, even if the event hasn’t happened since childhood!

Other fears such as flying phobia, agoraphobia and eating disorders can often have the fear of being sick at their root. Throwing up seems like the ultimate humiliation and embarrassment, something to be avoided at all costs. Sadly the costs are restricting your life to a miserable degree.

So what’s to do?

Challenging the thoughts and feelings with CBT, learning Mindfulness and getting a decent hypnotherapist in is a good start.

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Hypnotherapy For A Fear Of Being Sick

This is a big one judging my web stats. Try this introduction to how I use Hypnotherapy in my London office to help calm the fear of being sick.

Building your confidence that you can go out without planning or avoiding can make a big difference.

Do let me know if you want more info on how hypnotherapy could help you with your fear or phobia of being sick.

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