Can Hypnotherapy Really Stop Someone Smoking?

Well the answer is in the question. Why would I want to stop you smoking?

In other words Hypnotherapy supports and encourages and even inspires you to do something you want to do and if that is to stop smoking then with a bit of luck you might stop. But it’s a free country and so if you want to smoke…by my guest.

A hypnotherapist is not in the business of making you do something you don’t want to do.

If you want to stop smoking then the hypnotherapist fans the little flame  of your desire to quit and builds that desire to as high as you can possible go. But it is your flame and your choice.

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How Can Hypnosis Help Me To Quit Smoking

Well the simple answer is that it doesn’t take a magic trick to stop smoking as millions have stopped by deciding to quit and sticking to that decision.

A Hypnosis session usually involves talking and hypnosis. Motivating you to stop is very important and so ‘getting your ahead’ around the idea that stopping smoking is good for you, that you can do it and that life will be fine without smoking is very important.

Smoking has hypnotised you into thinking that you need fags to feel good ,relax and generally deal with life. This is not true and you only think it because you have been hooked onto a drug that promises way more than it can deliver.

Hypnosis is not sleep. It’s more like a deep day dream where you are encouraged to think and feel about the positive things you do want in your life and seeks to ‘re -program’ your thinking. However this is not as wacky as it seems. See it as more of a clear out of the old and bringing in the new.

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Need Help To Stop Smoking In London?

I have been working as a hypnotherapist for 10 years now and have found that many people have successfully

stopped smoking using a mixture of hypnotherapy and talking.

It takes some effort usually but sometimes clients just put the whole smoking thing behind them and walk out of my office an ex-smoker…result.

If you are curious how hypnotherapy helps a person to stop smoking, give me a buzz or drop me a line. You are most welcome and you might just stop smoking.

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Hypnotherapy In London To Stop Smoking

So many people have quit smoking. Watch this intro to how I use hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking.

Over the years as a hypnotherapist, stopping smoking is one the most common regular sessions that I do.

The session is 90 minutes and with talking and hypnosis it is very possible that you could use a hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

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Hey, Smoking makes you blind

The last thing a smoker wants to hear is that smoking is bad for their health.

So dont read this link about how smoking makes you go blind.

Dont read this stop smoking news story

If you come to one of my stop smoking sessions in London you might quit smoking and I promise I wont mention the health benefits.

New Year Resolutions…old chestnuts

I do like roasted chestnuts but old chestnuts?

New Year Resolutions, like losing weight or stopping smoking can seem like old chestnuts for the seasoned trier.

Is there an easy way to make resolutions stick…probably not but talking them through with  someone you can trust can help.

Visualisations are a simple tool that a hypnotherapist uses to help the client get closer to their goal. Getting a clear and detailed picture of what you really want brings a new year resolution to life.

Let me know if you have questions about hypnotherapy and getting your new year started.