Beat Exam Nerves With Hypnotherapy In London

Exam nerves can be frustrating when you have studied so hard and feel that you know your subject well enough to do well in the examination.

Hypnotherapy can help beat exam nerves. Let me know if you need more info.

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Anger Management With Hypnotherapy

Being out of control of your anger can really undermine how you deal with people. Getting the balance right between assertiveness and blowing your top can be a very useful tool at work and home.

Controlling your anger helps to feel that you are not at the mercy of your emotions and can lead to a greater feeling of control generally in your life.

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Hypnotherapy In London For Fear Of Flying

Hypnotherapy for a fear of flying or flying phobia is a popular use of a hypnotherapist.

If you have a flying phobia and are curious if hypnotherapy might help, do get in touch. I work in Harley St in the West End of London.

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Hypnotherapy In London For A Fear Of Tube Trains And Buses

London is a busy place and many have fears and anxieties about going on tubes and trains and buses.

If you suffer from the fear and anxiety that often comes with having to travel by train or bus. Do let me know, maybe some hypnosis in my Harley St London clinic might help.

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Hypnotherapy For Panic Attacks And Social Phobia

Panic attacks can really inhibit where you go and what you do. Watch my into on how I use hypnotherapy to beat the fear of panic attacks so that you can build your confidence in going out.

Hypnotherapy is used to help calm things down so that you feel you have more control of what your body and mind is doing.

Give me a call if you fancy a session or two in central London.

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Hypnotherapy In London To Stop Smoking

So many people have quit smoking. Watch this intro to how I use hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking.

Over the years as a hypnotherapist, stopping smoking is one the most common regular sessions that I do.

The session is 90 minutes and with talking and hypnosis it is very possible that you could use a hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

For more details drop me a line.

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